The Big Day

On our wedding day

The morning of the big day began at 7 am with Pug's little sister, Pro, clomping up the stairs outside my room. I knew this meant that I would have to get out of bed soon to get my hair done. I was still feeling really sick; sore throat, congestion, and cough on top of nauseous with nerves. Sitting at the table while my hair was twisted and woven and prodded and smoothed into some semblance of order, I tried to fool myself into thinking that this was just an ordinary day (way hey hey!) Fat chance. Every time anyone saw me they would ask, "How's the bride?" or "Are you nervous" or sing out "Wedding day!" and I would almost throw up. ("Wedding!" Blarp! "Bride!" Blarp!) Africa put on an Arrogant Worms CD to distract me while Pug whipped up pancakes in the kitchen (and kind of all over the kitchen; we found batter on top of the cupboards). I just felt so rotten on a day that should feel so good.

Wedding Morning

By the time my hair was done, my drugs had kicked in and I was starting to feel much better. The expected call from the lost-as-anticipated flower delivery guy kicked us into motion. Princess, who happened to live next door, ran out to find the flower guy while I made space in the car for the flowers. That transfer accomplished, off I went in a borrowed car to my makeup appointment. I was finally starting to relax and enjoy the day; even to get a little excited.

My Flowers
My flowers, which I absolutely loved. (Seriously, if you need a florist in the Edmonton area, let me know.)

The girls at the Body Shop complemented my hair (Pro really did an amazing job), the makeup transformed my face, and the conversation calmed me. Smacked and Raisin arrived to chat on the way to their hair appointment and I was all smiles by the time I got back home.

I arrived to chaos. Nynaeve was doing Arat's hair, running inside and out with hairspray. Postie was finally out of the shower for Pro to do her hair. Africa and Kristus had left for Yames to do their hair and Pug was steaming Postie's dress, which had just been dropped off (nothing like the last minute). A few minutes later, each person was tucked away in a different room. I danced by myself in the kitchen, rocking out to BNL while munching on fruit chunks and drinking juice. I kicked and shook and swayed, joyfully dancing away my last moments of singledom.

The next thing I knew I was running around like a crazed person. Sailor had arrived, looking awesome in his tux and he needed tape to pouf the van. My legs still desperately needed to be shaved. Pug's hair wasn't done yet. Postie's stick on bra wouldn't stick and she needed to be duck taped into her dress. All of the scissors in the house were at the hall. Oh my god we won't be home for three days and I need to shut all the windows and turn everything off. Where are the flowers? Where is Postie's wrap? How am I going to get down the stairs without tripping on my dress? Have we got everything? Let�s go!

Walking out the door of your everyday apartment while wearing a wedding dress is a very surreal experience. It's like you've been plucked out of a movie, costume and all, and plunked down into your everyday life. It only got more surreal from then on in.

We sped towards the University, anxiously checking the clock every few minutes. The boys, Kristus, and Africa were there already and they were all set up for us to arrive.

Guy's side of the Wedding Party

Paul and his boys.

We got out of the van, grabbed all of the appropriate flowers and wraps and water and everything, and walked carefully through the campus towards Convocation Hall. The sun was shining and the air had a slight morning haze to it. I felt like aliens were invading and I was the alien in a place I had gone to every day for more than 10 years. I floated towards the hall, flanked by my dearest friends.

Ira Helping with Dress

Sailor helping me with my dress.

Bride's side arrival at Con Hall

A few snapshots with my family outside and I was floating up the stairs and into the Hall where Paul was waiting for me. I couldn�t help the grin plastered across my face as I was gently funneled by friends and family to the alcove where Paul waited. I knew that flashes were going off every few seconds but I was only really aware of his face. His jaw dropped and he teared up a little and I knew that everyone had done a good job of prettying me up for the wedding. We laughed a little and cried a little and then turned outwards, to begin the onslaught of photography.

First Sight

First Sight

Girl's side of the Wedding Party
Me and my girls (and Sailor)

Us and our parents

Paul and I with both sets of parents.

On the Stairs

My mom has been taking photos of us on stairs since I was roughly 3 years old.

Paul and Sisters

Paul and his sisters.

Karen & Kaley Swirl

Ceili and I with the tulips!

Nothing But Blue Skies

Look ahead, there�s nothing but blue skies!

2005-6-26 || 6:55 p.m.

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